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It is important to stay motivated to serve one’s potential as well as the best interests of the organization one is part of. Xoxoday Compass is one such enabler of this important element of success that can help transform the landscape of incentive management and performance achievement processes.

Compass is a Xoxoday product for professionals termed as Partners who have incentives as a component in their salary structures. It ensures the quantification of the efforts of these partners to provide them with fair compensation in a timely manner. Compass also serves another party that is termed as an Admin. This is done by creating games, setting milestones, performance monitoring, real-time report generation, gamification of progress and leaderboard, and ensuring accuracy in pay-out considerations and calculations.

An admin is responsible for creating the game while a partner can only view them. A game here refers to the visual representation of performance. Two types of games can be created in Compass - Milestone and Race. The milestone game is a progress bar with specified intervals at which a partner earns points. The race game is an orderly representation of ranks of participants in each game. Incentives can be calculated based on these ranks.

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